Bill Marsh Automotive Group

For more than two decades Mike Kent has led the marketing and public relations efforts of northern Michigan’s largest automotive group, Bill Marsh. His work has helped the company through a period of dramatic growth. He helped develop branding ads that made the company stand out from the competition. He became a driving force with some of the biggest community events in northern Michigan. Those events gave Bill Marsh an enviable position for community involvement and participation.

Branding Ad

The Bill Marsh Promise. Mike Kent was the writer and producer.

Direct Response Ads

On a monthly basis Mike Kent wrote & produced successful television ads with direct response messages. All ads were shot at local landmarks.

Employee Recruitment

Mike wrote, produced and directed a video to position Bill Marsh as a great place to work. Life is short – Work someplace awesome.

Jeep Sponsorship

Producer, writer, director & voice over talent for a video the entice Jeep to help sponsor a local fundraiser that helped a community ski hill. The video worked to bring Jeep on board.

Radio Ads

Focused on concentrating on one key message. By using the owner/partners as voice over talent it made the messages much more personal. Mike Kent was the voice coach, producer and writer.


For more than two decades Mike created a wide variety of work for the Bill Marsh Auto Group. That work included a monthly e-newsletter, copy for weekly print ads, direct mail, e-blasts, every form of public relations, research and mass media communications.

The Bill Marsh monthly e-newsletter became one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing for the company. Every month 4,000 customers would read the articles and open the service coupons. Overall costs were pennies per open. We estimated that we sold up to 9 used vehicles every time the e-newsletter was delivered and at least that number for new vehicles. But Mike was able to use the e-newsletter to highlight the wide variety of community activities that involved the Bill Marsh Auto Group. It helped cement the dealership’s position as a vital part of the community.

Check out one of the e-newsletters:,0,w

Print Ads

Full page newspaper ad – Writer & creative director

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