Other Work

From retail to construction to automotive to non-profit communication — Mike Kent has worked with a variety of clients. His work involves market research, message development, media negotiation and placement and tracking results. He is as comfortable working as a scriptwriter to taking total control of the final product as a producer. He researches your needs to customize a message that has impact.

Grand Traverse Dyslexia Association (Telly Award Winner)

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. If you or your child has trouble reading, your brain may be wired differently and it can jumble up words and numbers. Dyslexics aren’t stupid or slow, in fact many are actually very smart, Albert Einstein for example. This video shows solutions available through GTDA. Mike was creator, writer, producer and director of this ad. This production is a 2020 Bronze winner of the national Telly Awards. With over 13,000 entries from all 50 states, this prestigious award recognizes excellence in local, regional and cable television.

Lautner Irrigation

A message focused on the water treatment side of Lautner Irrigation or Traverse City – pure, safe water for your home. Mike was the writer and producer of the ad.

Traverse Traveler

Traverse Traveler talks to the visitors of northern Michigan. They have a variety of products that can direct tourists to visit businesses throughout the region to restaurants, shops, brewpubs, wineries and so much more. Mike was the writer and producer of this video.

Bloxsom Roofing

Bloxsom had a need to convey that they have a wide variety of solutions for roofing concerns. Mike was the writer of this ad.

Mike was the writer of this TV ad for Bloxsom Roofing

Rydell Chevy Malibu Television Ad

For three years Mike directed the marketing efforts of the Rydell car group on Grand Forks, ND. He not only researched the needs of the auto group, he spent a great deal of time researching and understanding the community. From it’s base in North Dakota, Rydell is an innovative car group with about 80 dealerships around the country.

Easling Pool Television Ad

The Paul Easling Community Pool needed a major renovation. Mike worked with the organizing committee to develop a public relations and marketing campaign. Mike wrote and produced the TV ad radio ads which became a critical element to easily achieving the goal of the campaign.

Elk Rapids Schools Television Ads (Telly Award Winner)

Faced with a need to compete with other school districts in the region, Elk Rapids was one of the first school districts in the region to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign. Mike wrote the script for a web based ad, that was also converted to a TV ad. Winner of a national Bronze Telly Award.

Forest Dunes – The Loop Television Ad

The Loop at Forest Dunes is a unique golf course – it can be played in two different directions. Mike wrote the TV script and created a key tag line that outlines the difference of the course.

SRW Contracing Paving (Telly Award Winner)

Winner of a national Telly Award for SRW Contracting Paving. A television ad to promote the variety of work the company does. Mike was the writer, producer, director of the ad.