T.C. Patriot Game

It’s the biggest high school sporting event in northern Michigan: the football clash between TC West and Central High Schools. The game attracts over 10,000 people. Eight years ago it was turned into a game to honor Veterans and First Responders. It is a unique collaboration between business, education, Veterans and students. Since it began it has raised over $100,000 for a variety of Veteran causes. Mike Kent is one of the founding members of the TC Patriot Game Board and influential with the success of the event.

Mike Kent is the producer and writer for all television, radio, print and digital communications for the T.C. Patriot Game.

Television Ads

The TC Patriot Game attracts over 10,000 fans to not only watch a great high school rivalry game, but to pay tribute to fallen heroes, veterans, military and first responders. The is the commercial that promotes the sale of shirts to benefit Veterans In Crisis.

Radio Ad

Photography of the event

Photography donated by allen-kent photography

Promo Photography

Marketing Materals